Friday, July 24, 2015


More is the whole purpose and drive of capitalism. More for its own sake. We crave more money and more power; more beauty, celebrity, possessions, mobility, comfort and ease. More speed. More choices. More friends to collect on facebook. More food on our plates.

More is a moral virtue in the Capitalist Dominator Culture (CDC). The more you have, the more you are honored.

This passion for more leads to extremes of everything. Extremes of bigness, as in houses and bodies, and extremes of smallness, as in microchips. Religious and athletic extremes. Extremes of behavior.

In medicine, more drugs and more surgeries and even more extremes.

In education, more testing and technology. More children left behind.

In a society that craves more, nothing is ever enough. Dissatisfaction is rampant here, but it is not discouraged, because dissatisfaction is essential to consumption. Our discontent is what turns the wheels of industry and generates profits.  

Along with this glut of things and insanity for accumulation comes an emotional and spiritual emptiness that is felt as fear. It’s like humanity has a hole in its emotional bucket, and there will never be enough security to fill that bucket, never enough money to make us secure, never enough weaponry to make us feel safe.

What do we have to fear? God? Nature? Death? Death comes to us all. Nature is our Mother and "G"od is our Father and humans are the most powerful creatures roaming the earth today. We have nothing to fear but one another, so only our love for one another can cast out our fear. Only love can plug up the hole in our bucket.

The lords and masters of the world know this, so they discourage us from loving one another and instead, keep us frightened and suspicious and at each other's throats. Instead of love, we're offered all the things that money can buy, things that can never fill our empty hearts. 

Efficiency won’t help us now. Speed won’t help us. Surgeries won’t heal us. Churches won’t save us. We have to change our system of belief, we have to change what is possible, what is real, what makes sense and what we believe is true at the deepest level of all, our a-priori concepts of human nature and the nature of reality, our beliefs about what is reasonable, and what is knowable and how we know, and what is worthwhile and what is a sin. 

More is never enough. Only love can save us now.

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