Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Worship the Green God

The Green God is an important and powerful god in the pantheon of Polytheistic Animism. 

I can’t find much precedent for this deity. Several cultures of the ancient Near East worshipped Tammuz, Dumuzi or similar gods of food and vegetation. Egyptians had Osirus, dying and reborn. Mother Nature in her nurturing cloak appears in several divine manifestations throughout history and the Corn Spirit arose here and there in the ancient Western Hemisphere. Each of these divinities had the ability to be dismembered or die and rise again, associating them with the cycle of the seasons, fertility, death and rebirth.

The Green Man, not a god, but an icon that represents the green deva, has been around for at least 1000 years, but was named only recently, in 1939, in an article about church architecture.

Now, all of this is very interesting, but none of these greater-than-human (GTH) beings corresponds with the Green God of Polytheistic Animism.

Our Green God is a mighty earth-god, the child of Gaia and the Sun. He is the Deva of the Green People, the Great Giver of Life. He spins sunlight into food for the animal people. Our species was nurtured in his branches in our evolutionary infancy. In him we found safety and security, food, clothing, medicine, wisdom and shelter.

Call him Beautiful! Call him Savior, for without the Green God we would die!

If we damage the Green God, he will grow back, and all of his children will live. If we attempt to destroy him, we ourselves will be destroyed. Think of this in secular terms. Nuclear winter may send the Green God on a visit to hell, but only long enough for humans and other animals to die off. Then his seeds will rise again out of the ashes. If we cut down the rain forests, we degrade our own climate. Refuse his medicine and the pharmaceutical companies will go instantly out of business and death will stalk the earth. Process his gifts beyond recognition and humans become sick and fat.

The Green God is mighty and powerful to save! I love and follow him, I humbly accept his gifts. All of his children are welcome in my house. Amid the ticks, the prickers and the poisons, I find nourishment, wisdom and healing. Welcome, Green God! Blessed be his name!

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